Sales Clerk Resume Example

This sales resume example can be used as a guide for those interested in a career in sales.  This resume example outlines details required in a good sales clerk resume. This resume can be used to apply for jobs in other areas such as sales manager, merchandising, direct sales personnel, marketing among others.

Sample sales clerk Resume

Ahmed Hussein



Jammu & Kashmir

Tel: +91-90922-653298

Mob: +91-4986639856


To be able to work in a well defined hotel as a hotel clerk so that I can utilize the skills gained form the learning institutions and those acquired through experience in the upbringing of the hotel.


  • 10 years experience in the sales industry.
  • Able to keep all sale records in an up to date settings.
  • Being able to provide good customer services in the sales industry..
  • Able to keep customer database on daily basis.
  • Good English and Hindu command. Excellent writing, speaking and reading skills.
  • Able to deal with emergency issues perfectly well.


Precious wholesalers (2001 – Present)
Senior sales Clerk

  • Training new clerks in the sales industry
  • Coming up with new ideas in the sales industry that result in increasing sales.
  • Handling cash sales register in the paint and hardware departments
  • Handling sales for the department of  kitchen ware and gift department
  • Sending monthly statements and establishing new accounts.


Bachelor Degree in Sales Management in Anna University (1989)


Can be provided upon request

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